About us

M & R Consultants is a consultancy service providing firm, with offices in Canada, Australia, Pakistan, China and UK which is run by a team of general, functional, and specialized consultants having practical industrial experiences and provide various services regarding commercial industries, marketing, and industrial product design and fictionalization. The organization consists of youthful, determined and keen professionals who are indomitable and eager to provide business and development services to all sort of SMEs altogether business sector like services provision, producing, IT and retail. At M & R Consultants we have an inclination to understand the significance of our client’s business needs and so the impact of the business requirements on a broader scales in future. Additionally, at M & R Consultants we provide our expertise and unbiased consultation to our purchasers around the globe, to explore their highest value opportunities and to create a favorable setting to touch upon their most significant interests. Also, we have an inclination to ensure and monitor the systematic growth of the businesses by implementing business optimization technique to increase the profit and efficiency of a business.

Our Mission

M & R consultants have the mission to bring in the opulence to struggling and established businesses, offering specialized services to organizations that are seeking high growth, increased sales performance and enhanced brand visibility. We have a tendency to believe that Honesty and integrity in satisfying the client is the key to our prosperity. Our aim is to help our clients identifying their competitive advantages over rivals in the market and to provide personalized services according to the needs of the client’s assets protection and growth of profit in the present scenario as well as in future in the market.

Our Values

Integrity, reverence acknowledging considerations and delivering value with an impact on the business community are our core values. We are extremely committed to both our client’s success and our own business ethics and standards are what sets apart our professional expertise and our reputation among competitors. Predominantly at M & R, we understand complex dynamics of economies and emerging market trends affecting both servicesand manufacturing industries so, as a developing business we set our objectives, realistically & in accordance with commercial and industrial needs. By being an organization to teamwork and seeking continuous improvement for our client’s satisfaction.

How do we serve our client?

At M & R consultants, we offer our services from free, not-paid consultancy guidance sessions between the client, who feels insecure in the protection of his/her valuable asset/business and our experts who establish a trustable liaison with client and goes over to provide the clients with required info, regarding the needs of the organization and satisfy queries. After the interest is developed, we go on to the further step of outlining the steps of the organizational plan and breaking down the complex and inflexible project into comprehensible and manageable phases in order to accomplish the task with desired outcomes.